Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hell is Other Zealots.

I haven't felt the urge to Blog in quite awhile, no real juicy hot tales I feel ready to relate, not even about the underbelly of the Vampire's Kiss Cafe, (The Piccolo), where I spend much of my existential recovery, except to say that Vitto is so exhausted from working 7 days a week he's lost all sense of humour and proprietry, and gets "grumpy old man of the century" award, but we all bear with it, he's like a force of nature, thunder and stormy, sunny and warm, much like my own mood swings. Yet I do have an ongoing bee in my bonnet stinging away at my sanity and feel the need to moan about it, hyperventilating soothes my savge beast.

Everything I read and hear tells me most of humanity suffers from their cross-eyed dealings with their fellows, there's always someone ready to stab you in the back, rip, exploit, bitch and obstruct, it's impossible to please everybody, befriend everyone, each thinks he/she's in the right, deserves more, whatever one's creed, religion, class, status. I'm a militant atheist/science nut and feel world civilization should be based on rationalism and provable fact, mutual respect and co-operation, and I'd like to influence everyone else to think so, but it seems 'parrallel universe theory' rules, most people believe in ludicrous ideas like "god", "heaven and hell" and "righteous lifestyle" and create societies accordingly. I'm wasting my time marching about proseletysing anarcho-socialism and scientific rationalsim, 95% of the population have never heard of "the Enlightenment", humanity has still not emerged from "the dark ages", we've still got a lot of evolution to do.

I get very depressed over it, have the urge to suicide as human attitudes en masse are not going to get more rational in my lifetime, every creed and tribe at war with the other, the planet may get destroyed before a real world enlightenment dawns. When I read the newspapers, I really flip. Gays seem to be blamed for everything and are despised by most. If a politician is suspected of being homo, he's out. The rightwing Christian lobby has opposition to 'gay marriage' at the head of it's agenda. A male member of the British Royal family may have been videoed in a homo sex act and is blackmailed. A Catholic priest has been outed as a homo, shock/horror. The gay friend of a movie star has committed suicide because he couldn't come out of the closet. On and on, every day, from every direction, the antipathy for "gays" is overwhelming, one's potential for social contribution limited or blocked altogether, it twists us till we end up conforming to the monstrous creeps that we're accused of being.

Brainwashed zealots, (Capitalists/Communists/Christians/Muslims/Jews/Hindus), don't want 'queers' to have stable, open relationships, they'd prefer us to sink back into public toilet life, haunting dark parks at night like vampires, denying us our humanity. Whatever happened to kindness and tolerance, the essence of J.C.'s teaching? Bigotry and hatred of "the other" seems to be the true religion ruling the planet, but one would have to start a new Religion to improve the shitty situation, and that's just adding to the huge pile of shit crashing down upon us all. Open your mouth and you're the next messiah! In an age of over-population and tribal strife, it's all going to Hell in a black frock. I can't take it any more, there's got to be a better galaxy far, far away where life forms truly live in love and awe of rational consciousness, and that's where I'll awake, me the Universe.

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