Friday, April 15, 2011

11) The Catcher.

These stories, that have been available on Blogspot for 10 years for free, will now only be available on Amazon at the address above. They are contained in “Vagabon Freak”, the 1st volume of a trilogy titled “The 7 Lives of the Punk Poofy Cats”. I have been the archetypal starving artist in his garret, painting, drawing and writing, writing, writing as if I were some waif crying out in the wilderness. Now I need you, dear reader, to hear my cries and go to Amazon and buy a copy of my book and keep me alive. There you will find my complete tale, from beginning to end, in one place, for you to hold in your hot little hands. When you read it straight through, I assure you, it will blow your mind.

Below are introductory paragraphs and some pictures that I still retain to illustrate this story, hopefully to give you a come-on to get my book. Thanks for giving me a go, TZ.


It was 1967 and the “Summer of Love” was soon to bloom, Arthur was a seventeen-year old runaway from a housing-estate and, though oblivious to the politics of the times, he was surfing Pop Culture’s waves like a natural as he desired above all things to be liberated and hip. The Stonewall riots and the birth of Gay Lib was a year and a world away yet Arthur bravely dreamed of settling down with his dark-haired boy from the beach, Tony, who’d smiled beatifically upon him and won his heart.
A sweet old couple, blissfully unaware of the youth revolution reshaping society around them, rented the boys a quaint flat at the back of their house in East Richmond, just outside Melbourne’s CBD. Tony worked at a printing press in the Victoria Barracks for the Department of the Navy where he soon put Arthur onto a job as a clerk.
Frank Farthing eventually discovered the whereabouts of his son’s new workplace and rang Artie up, crying miserably, threatening to get the police if he didn’t come home. Arthur refused, for he was madly smitten with his mate and was too wrapped in shoplifting frozen chickens to roast for his beloved to take any notice of authority.
Tony must’ve noticed Arthur’s softness and perhaps was attracted to it, he certainly looked at him with adoration, but he was a very masculine boy, a swimming champion, a hail fellow well met, and he fucked every girl he could get his hands on. Tony had a really big cock and Arthur loved to sneak peeks at it, often asking to have showers with him; they’d wash each other’s backs seductively, Arthur with a hard on and trying not to let Tony see it.
He thought maybe if he spun about quickly he’d discover Tony with a hard-on also but he was too chicken to do it, to discover he was mistaken and Tony was irredeemably straight. He started throwing hissy fits over not getting as much attention from Tony as the girls did, his continual hysteria making him more and more suspect, always staring at his mate’s crotch, jumping into his bed to snuggle up to him, avoiding the girls that Tony chased.
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