Sunday, April 20, 2014

Undefeated by the Censor.

 It had to happen, the Powers that be, the fascistic Elite who run the planet for their own benefit, who hate even one painting/poem/story/cartoon/ piece of information that undermines Their rule, would get control of the Internet, censor it, or to use a euphemistic cyber term, filter it, so that certain sites, links, subjects, facts, get excised, disappeared. "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean They're not after you!" This site, my Blogged life stories, are being filtered, especially after the last story, The Big Fuck-over, for They detest criticism of The Pigs, their front-line soldiers. What to do? The Beast is hard to beat, IT owns everything and everyone, just about. One just has to keep on with the Struggle, of the Dispossessed to be heard, regardless, that's what being REAL is all about. Thankfully the WWW is like a planet sized brain, with near infinite neurones and synaptic connections: They might block untold synapse branches but overlooking just one can then allow the information to leak back out into the neural network and be sourced again from some arcane, underground facilitator: the flow of ideas is near impossible to stop once it's been released. For what it's worth, my story will make it out there, some day, somehow; for all that I'm a fucked-up deadbeat, it's a tale of the human condition, told from the heart, from the gutter, by someone who got fucked over, from the beginning, in an unjust, undemocratic world. Anyway, I'm not gonna sweat over it too much, the World is always as it's been, a fucker, one's gotta keep one's back to the wall and continue the graffiti at the same time.

 Details from my drawing, "Undefeated" for the show "The Forgotten War" at the Damien Minton Gallery from  May 20th 2014.

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