Wednesday, September 12, 2007

APEC Apemen.

The police and pollies predicted the big V for Violence at the protest rally for the APEC summit meeting here in Sydney because that's what they wanted, they love violence, it's mother's milk to them, they live for it, have all the equipment poised and psyches geared up, and if it doesn't happen, they'll make it happen. It's as if the Police are another species from the rest of us, from another planet, (we don't call them Pigs for nothing)(they dont socialise with the rest of us and can only marry each other), they hate humans and are champing at the bit to attack and cage us at any provocation. The way they bashed up that straight accountant just for crossing the road was direct proof, 7 cops stomping on him when it would only have taken one to grab him by the arm.

Anyone who's been to a political demonstration knows what I'm talking about, the Pigs rush in with maniacal glee, it's their version of a rave party, they curse and bash, grapple and drag, punch and kick, and in true Orwellian speak, blame the Peaceniks for the afray. All of it to smokescreen the horror of worldwide warmongers like Bush and cabal with their economic gabfest, who for money and power don't blink at hundreds of thousands being killed and maimed, it's a sick civilization we're in and I'm mighty disheartened.

The protest rally itself was like a feral fashion parade, a freak's fiesta, lots of colourful costumes, crazy placards waved and drums beaten, what else to expect from a motley crowd of Peaceniks. Tho we were corralled and herded about like sheep, still I enjoyed the afternoon with my friends, it was festive and we had a lot of laughs. I went regardless of the threats of water-cannons, capsicum spray and mass arrests for I demand my right to protest, as useless as it is in these days of total population control, where Society is allowed to let off steam and the radicals can march home thinking they've done their bit, while latter-day fascists continue to divide and vampirise the planet. But what can we do? THEY have the weapons and the brain-wash, the religion of Consumerism has opiated the majority into begging for their gilded chains to be made tighter and deadbeat misfits like me can only hide-out and bitch incongruously.

Yeah yeah, I know about 'terrorists', the Islamist Jihadis wont be satisfied till we're all back in the Stone-age picking fleas from each other's hairy backs, but the Bush/Howard approach has increased the dangers and the horror, even created them, so that it's more likely we'll all be bombed back into prehistory, back to being Apemen with no trees to swing from. There are alternative living systems to warmongering Capitalism and Islamic Jihadism, and I'm not thinking of the Communist Party either, it has been theorised that apemen only put in a few hours a week making a living, the rest of the time was spent partying. Once They've had their all out wars, and humanity has to start again, maybe it'll be different next time around. I'll just have to hide out in my flat and wait for it.

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