Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Piccolo Life.

This is my latest attempt at trying to capture the Piccolo Bar, I keep reaching for it and am getting closer to being satisfied, though maybe a wild cubist/surrealist vision will be the only way to give a true portrayal.

My latest name for this hot-spot is The Pressure Cooker Cafe as all the action is squeezed into a small box and when anyone is tense, euphoric or hysterical a furore bursts forth like ectoplasm from the spirit world. Yesterday I had a terrible flip-out, on edge from giving up smoking with that bad-arse psycho-drug Champax, I let GlenorGlenda get to me, his nagging had me shrieking and ready to break his turtle-neck, I shook for hours after it. It was so embarrassing, two straighties from Perth shot out of the cafe like cannonballs, I think I'd rather smoke than rip ears from heads. All who enter beware, the ley-lines that meet here bring out any latent craziness. But there's also lots of joy and love if one remains patient and has eyes and heart to see it.

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