Friday, February 25, 2011

4) Lord of the Lizards.

These stories, that have been available on Blogspot for 10 years for free, will now only be available on Amazon at the address above. They are contained in “Vagabon Freak”, the 1st volume of a trilogy titled “The 7 Lives of the Punk Poofy Cats”. I have been the archetypal starving artist in his garret, painting, drawing and writing, writing, writing as if I were some waif crying out in the wilderness. Now I need you, dear reader, to hear my cries and go to Amazon and buy a copy of my book and keep me alive. There you will find my complete tale, from beginning to end, in one place, for you to hold in your hot little hands. When you read it straight through, I assure you, it will blow your mind.

Below are introductory paragraphs and some pictures that I still retain to illustrate those stories, hopefully to give you a come-on to get my book. Thanks for giving me a go, TZ.

Snapping out of his reverie and back to 1957 Arthur slunk off to his bedroom hoping his parents’ squabbling would keep them busy and he’d be free to play his private games. He left his door slightly ajar, as completely shut would invite suspicion, then he fished out his costume from under his bed, one of his mother’s old dresses, two balls of socks stuffed down his singlet to represent voluptuous breasts, and a floppy T-shirt bunched up on his head as if it were a bouffant hair-do. He then bounced about on his bed hugging, fighting, kissing and fucking his pillow which stood in for one of the handsome heroes from his beloved pirate movies glimpsed repeatedly on the wonderful TV.
After about half an hour of this fantasy role playing he felt a prickle of hair standing up on the back of his neck as if he was being watched, and glancing over at the door he caught a glimpse of his father’s shadowy form watching him through the crack of the door. While his father had often beaten him for being a sissy he’d hoped the boy would grow out of it but it now looked like the kid’s transexuality was a possibility and they’d all have to live with this disgusting freak. Artie quickly stripped off the drag and later hung his head in shame at the dinner table. While they passed the Birds-eye peas Frank had a cold fury in his glance.
“Looks like we’ve got a little girl in the family just like you always wanted Elaine.”
“What do ya mean? You’re always putting shit on someone. Why don’t you give the kid a break?”
“Your son is a fucking freak, and you probably encourage him in it.”
“Oh leave the kid alone, you’ve been picking on him since he was a baby. If he’s confused it’s cause you’ve fucked him up!”
(If you want to read this story further please go to the WEB address above and buy "Vagabond Freak.")

Calamity Jane.


Melbourne Olympics 1950

Jailhouse Rock.

The Olympic Village.

The Heidelberg School of Painters.