Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Art of Surviving Kings Cross, Sydney.

I've  been creating art while surviving KINGS CROSS since 1977 and here's how it all hangs together.

Garibaldi's Benefit, The Cross Gives Us the Creeps 1979 - Toby Zoates

Woolloomoolloo Mural: How Do You Feel? 1985 Toby Zoates

Democracy Wall, Kings Cross. 1993 Toby Zoates

Viva Vitto, Benefit for Piccolo Bar. 1994 Toby Zoates

Peepshow on Death-Trip Alley. 1996 Toby Zoates

Ayesha of Les Girls. 1996 - Toby Zoates
If You've Got Nowhere Else to Go You Can Go to the Piccolo. 1997 - Toby Zoates

The Dog Squad. 1998 - Toby Zoates

Stanley Palmer'sCommunity Center.
Piccolo Menagerie. 1999 - Toby Zoates
You Can Still Find Refuge on the Cross in Auz. 2004- Toby Zoates
In Memory of Kransky, Beloved French Bulldog of Jon Hewitt and Belinda McClory..

Kings Cross Arts Calendar. 2005 - Toby Zoates

The Lumps On the Cross are Revolting! 2005 - Toby Zoates
1980 New Years Eve, Pink Pussy Cat. 2006 - Toby Zoates

Roslyn Street Transients. 2009- Toby Zoates

Just Vitto at the Piccolo. 2010 - Toby Zoates

Vitto, Yoda of Kings Cross. 2010 - Toby Zoates

Piccolo Deviance 2008 - Toby Zoates
Framed by the Filth of Kings Cross - 2015

Darlo Squats Mural - Darling It Hurtz.

Hopefully there's more to come folks, though Kings Cross has been gentrified and maybe not up for edgy art anymore. Plus I'm on the verge of getting killed off but that's life on the edge for you.

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