Saturday, July 04, 2015

Giving Up!

No big deal but I don't feel like Blogging much anymore. I'm very depressed at the state of things in the world, it feels like "THE END OF DAYS" and I'm not biblical in any fashion. Regardless of my atheistic raves in the last few Blogs, it looks like the god-ists are taking over the world, yet again. Hillsong, that latest of tsunami cults crashing upon dry-land, is having its world convention here in Sydney and They've got Justin Bieber as their come-on poster boy, just as Scientology has Tom Cruise, which means hordes of unthinking teenagers will flock to the church, hand over their money, labor and souls for the bank balance of a few fire and brimstone preachers, all to the wailing of holy-roller rock'n'roll bands.

Where once rock'n'roll was dangerous and rebellious it's now being turned into an instrument of brainwash and obedience, irrationality and milksop mealy-mouthness. To me it means there's no hope. They must all be afraid of our times: wars, refugees, deteriorating environment, world economy about to collapse, good jobs getting scarcer and, most scary of all, the Jihadists on the march, destroying everything in their path, threatening even to blow up the pyramids and the sphinx. So fools rush into churches, listen to loud bullshit raves and pray to a non-existent god to save them.

Throughout history, while congregations prayed, the church has collapsed upon them and crushed them all, or burnt to the ground with them turned to ashes or invading armies have rushed in and slaughtered them at the altar. Where was god then? None of these religious crackpots seem to read history or science, and the only psychology that interests their leaders is crowd control and parting fools from their money. Ron Hubbard got it right  when, after the 2nd World War, he declared he wanted to make money and the only way to make real money, a lot of money, was to start a religion!

But who am I to critique the mobs of screeching god-ists, a nobody, impoverished homosexual? I'm scared shitless, and paranoid, that THEY will come after me, the zealots, crackpots, scumbags who say "love thy neighbor" and "turn the other cheek" but are incredibly bigoted, unforgiving, cruel, especially towards homosexuals. The real historical Jesus of Nazerath must be turning in his hidden funereal cave at what THEY have done in his name. I bet he was a rebel against Roman rule, Jewish conservatism and his society's bigotry, and more than likely a member of an alternative lifestyle love cult that included gays happily among its community.

Anyway, writing about this, struggling, living as a civil-libertarian, is pissing in the wind, I'm giving up. Contributing that is, too chicken to end it just yet. Who wants to live till they're 70? A sixty-nine year old. Farewell cruel world! This angel is flying away into the wild blue yonder, of my dreams, upon my bed, hiding out in my apartment.

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