Friday, March 31, 2006

Of Sappy Travels in the Dreamt-up Multiverse.

  It feels to me that dreaming is not just the rubbish of daily life working itself out, or Freudian sexual frustrations welling up from the Unconscious, or the rehearsing and solving of life's problems, but on the seventh level dreaming can be an introduction to and tour of the amazing, mystical multiverse us homo sapiens are sapient to. Take my dream of last night for instance, which I titled "The Temple."

I'm on a tour of the Dark Continent with my Anima as traveling companion. She is a combination of several of my girlfriends who I have traveled with over the years, Nicorette, Amiria and Sylvia. We've already visited many sacred structures and finally come to a jungle crossroads near which looms a colossal Temple, it's architecture combining Greek, Hindu, Parsi and Buddhist styles, and it's presence is quite forbidding. I have passed it many times in my travels and always been too overwhelmed to enter, pretending to myself that it's such an obvious landmark, it can't really have too great a significance. My female companion convinces me to enter and inside I am overawed by a magnificent sacred ritual, the atmosphere sending me into an ecstatic trance. The priests of this sanctuary welcome my girlfriend effusively and are quite kind to me as well, as if they've been waiting for me for years to visit them, and at last I've come.

I'm swept away by the mystical liturgy that is enacted out before me, seeming to honor the spirits of all the dead who have gone before us, not just the wise, but every ancestor that brought us to 'here and now', animals as well as fore-mothers. When eventually we leave the Temple to continue our life's sojourn, I'm quite exhilarated, blissed out, amazed by the symbolism of a sacred mystery underlying my mundane existence, and the surrounding Void. It gives me some joy and knowledge to carry on, my rationalism boosted by a sense of magic, for even in the spoiled 'developed world' ordinary life can be quite a slog.

With these raves I'm not trying to make out I'm some mystic saint, I'm a sleaze-bag like any other mixed up human, these are just the thoughts, dreams and experiences that have come to this homo homo sappy sapien thrashing his way thru a seeming chaotic world, that has manifold tediums to suffer but also awesome, enigmatic wonders to sometimes stumble upon and get inspired by. It's as if I can't live by science alone, wondrous as this natural Universe is, there's much that can't be explained, caught like a fairy from the corner of one's eye. But I don't want to become a religious nut, wooly-minded with spiritualism. The Mind plays phantasmagorical tricks on all of us but even as such is an amazing phenomena and takes us on incredible journeys. Even if we don't invent faster than light travel rocket ships to get us to other worlds, we have Mind to take us thru imagined multiverses. Our Dreamworld proves it.