Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dream Dog.

Dreams, it seems to me, really do reveal the health of one's "Mind", and disturbed dreams hint at a disturbed person, obviously. Last night "DOG" came to me again, to assuage my anxieties. First I wandered into a hidden, Utopianist community wherein I could find sanctuary and empathy, a haven of like-minded, social-alternative types, they lived in grass huts and tee-pees, hidden in a jungle, below a busy freeway, I guess suggesting that this sympathetic enclave is here in our midst all the while, all I have to do is seek it out with my discerning third eye, a community of the heart, maybe people who feel they don't need so many consumer luxuries at such great cost, not that I want to go native.

Then I was to go on an adventure, over the mountains to a site of great mystique, protectively carrying a baby, my vulnerable, pristine innocent soul. Ahead, near my mountain path, was a hut in which I glimpsed prowling, a dog. I was afraid it might be vicious, a wolf, and my"baby" was in danger. As I edged past the hut I put the baby down upon the grass to confront the dog if it was aggressive. I risked the baby, to see if the dog would attack it, testing that dog, for what could be more fragile and easy meat than an innocent babe? But the dog curled up at my feet, totally trustworthy, loving and vulnerable itself, waiting for my masterly decision, to hurt or to caress. I picked the dog up by it's scruff and looked into it's doleful eyes, it yelped and begged for my succor, it was not my enemy, it was my friend and guide, cute, natural, animal, my companion, not my enemy. And thus I continued on my dream quest, the dog at my side, baby snuggled safely at my heart.

My fear, distrust and rough-handling of the dog seems to indicate to me that I'm not so confident, capable, loving, equanimous, whatever, in my unconscious. The day my whole body/mind complex is at peaceful, loving oneness with the Universe, with nothing to hate or fear, then I will, in my dream sojourns, call out to that dog, welcome it's presence, with clear sight to where I'm going, have it run to me and leap upon me with love, and I will laugh with glee, clearly know my guide is ready and capable of taking me thru any 'valleys of shadow' my Unconscious may throw in my way. I'm not there yet, got a long way to go, but I'm working on it, it's good to have ideals. Universal compassion is the key. Dogs are great, especially in the heart.

(Reading this a year later it comes across as "hippie psycho-babble" but in writing a portrait of the PUNK POOFY CAT I'm trying to reveal some of the strange facets of his troubled existence, weird dream life and cosmic mumbo-jumbo philosophising included, it's all part of being a mixed up, cool crazy cat who can even take on opposites like dogs and still not be contradictory, more like a flawed "human".)